“Dogs are people too.” No, but if you love your pets as much as (or more than) your human friends and family, consider whether you are feeding them high-quality nutritionally whole food, such as you serve at your own table – or boxed-canned-packaged-processed kibble?

If you’re of a generation which considers pets as “less-than-human” deserving of  “less-than-human” care – then a bowl of pet food, garnished with leftover dinner scraps, seems an extravagant and generous pet meal.

HOWEVER, a rash of recent recalls of manufactured pet foods, both domestic and foreign, resulting in severe side effects and even pet deaths, indicates a serious risk to beloved pets consuming mass-manufactured, processed foods.

Fortunately, there are options. Lots of them.

  • DIY food sources – buy and cook food yourself. Manufactured food is formulated to provide a balanced blend of nutrients, so additional real food scraps can offset the formula. The problem is the ingredients. Poor quality “in balance” is still less than optimal. Start with ingredients you know and trust and do it yourself.
  • Trusted providers – a host of caring, credentialed and reputable veterinary nutritionists gladly provide pet owners advice, services and products. Google “pet nutrition”, “veterinary nutritionist”, “whole pet food” to find resources and information. Contact us for our personally tried-and-true references.

Pets are NOT people, but they are just as important and rely on you to provide the best care for the quality of life they deserve.