[vc_row][vc_column height=”auto” mobile_height=”mhdesktop”][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Heather M | Google”]I love working with Melinda! She is very personable and available whenever I need her. I am excited about all of the new ideas we are going to implement for marketing my business. I highly recommend Melinda![/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Wendy M | Facebook”]Melinda and her team are quite simply amazing! They helped us through the transition of not only our website, but our social media presence and most importantly our printed publication. All integrate beautifully and show consistency in our branding. We are a relatively small, non-profit, mission oriented, networking group guided by a board of many personalities with big professional and personal responsibilities. Melinda kept us on track, on time and on budget![/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Kevin D | Google”]Melinda Mallari and Precision Market Services has put my business at the very top of every search engine, with a beautiful and friendly website and informative web listings. You get Madison Avenue quality at rural Ohio prices… without the Manhattan attitude, either![/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Keith G | Google”]Melinda is a true, marketing expert! She develops and enhances strategies that work for you and your business, while keeping a close-eye on your budget. While there are many different ways to market your business, Melinda looks to optimize maximum return for your business growth. She is the “driver” your business needs!!!!![/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Troy N | Google”]If you are looking to grow your business , this young lady has all the tools to help you grow, WITH grace and style! She has been a tremendous asset to my business![/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Tim D | Google”]You will have an incredible experience working with Melinda. Her detailed, creative, and strategic work is what puts her at the top of her industry. I will be recommending my family & friends to work with Melinda & Precision Market Services.[/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Joel B | Google”]Melinda does a great job. She is creative, meticulous, and trustworthy. I highly recommend using Melinda for your business marketing needs.[/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Blaise R | Google”]Melinda Mallari Swan with Precision Market Services is such a professional and does an incredible job of pushing my vision of how marketing should be done in today’s environment. She does great work but more importantly she challenges her clients to step out of their comfort zone and increase thier digital footprint for outstanding results. Thank you.[/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Brian M | Google”]Very professional work! Wonderful to work with on any size project![/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Joe G | Google”]I really can’t say enough about Melinda’s creativity, professionalism, and sincerity. She will build a custom strategy for your business, increase your visibility and digital footprint, and help you grow![/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”John F | Google”]Melinda has designed and implemented M&T Auto Body of Hinckley’s marketing plan. She has built my website and facebook page and maintains them for me. She does a fantastic job of getting me exposure and helping me become more involved with the community. Using Precision Marketing Services has been the smartest and best decision I have made for my business.[/blockquote][blockquote blockquote_style=”border-full” font=”serif” font_style=”” cite=”Scott M | Google”]Melinda has done a great job marketing my business and managing my website. She is actively involved and cares about your success as a business. If you are looking to increase revenue and your presence online, I would highly recommend.[/blockquote][/vc_column][/vc_row]